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OtterBox is a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company based in Fort Collins, Colorado that produces water-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant cases for mobile devices. The company was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer of water-resistant boxes for electronic devices targeted to outdoor enthusiasts.

Amberlynn shares her upsetting experience on, "I haven’t used otterbox cases for years now only because they would break my phone everytime it was dropped. It didn’t matter the height, the landing, what hit it, it would ALWAYS break my phone! I really hate these cases! I use some random non brand from amazon that’s a silicone lining around my phone with a second piece that attaches which is plastic and it’s AMAZING! My phone is pure glass (iPhone XS MAX) and there isn’t a single dent, crack, or scratch! Otterbox on the other hand has destroyed my phone Everytime. I don’t ever recommend these."


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Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about the workers. All about numbers. Not very good hours. Very hot to work there in the summer. Very crowded they keep hiring people even though they have no where to put them.Free sodaBad hours. Hot"

Production line worker (Former Employee) says

"The management was all over the place. They would always get something done wrong and would have to have the workers take the product back out and have to do it over again."

Data entry (Former Employee) says

"If your not young and fast forget it. Everyone is in a rush to look at there stats because good stats secure your job. Average stats and under loose your job"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"brown noising is a must to get anywhere is the place. I would never recommend working at this place. THey want you to be fake and lie to customers. If you never had an issue you would have t call into the ccc and they always sounded soooooo annoyed they had tp help you1"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They don't seem to really value hard work. I worked my butt off for several years here with almost zero recognition although I maintained some of the best statistics in the department throughout my time here. I have been passed over promotions for god knows what reasons. Feedback is always vague and inconsistent. They seem to be looking for those type of people who have a ridiculously bubbly personality (to the point where it seems fake). If you are just a genuine down to earth person this is not the environment they are trying to create. The best way to describe the environment in customer service is fake. The rest of the company really is nice and I'm sure other departments would be fantastic to work in. Unfortunately, that transition is easier said than done now. If you have aspirations of getting your foot in the door in CS and then working your way up, think again! This is rare and is very unlikely that it will machine, nice co-workerscompensation really isn't very competitive, Customer service management has their own little "clique""

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Depending on your age and personality, OtterBox might be a fantastic work environment for you. As I am an introvert 20 years out of high school who can't stand corporate culture or being micromanaged, it has not been a great experience, and I'm basically just trying to hang in there until I can find something else. The Customer Service rep job consists primarily of taking phone calls from customers wanting to replace their damaged OtterBox cases through the warranty. Sounds easy enough, but throw in the fact that at least 20% of those calls are from scammers trying to get free cases, probably another 30-40% are from legit people frustrated from trying to place their claim over the company's poorly-designed website, and at least 10% are from people whose phones were damaged while in an OtterBox case (and were told by the rep at Verizon/T-Mobile/etc. that OtterBox would replace their phone if it got damaged while in one of our cases-- not true), and it adds up to a generally miserable day that the free latte and soda machines do little to remedy. The calls generally come in fast and furiously, and if you are on a call that spills over into one of your pre-scheduled breaks or lunches, and you have to take the break later, this puts you "out of adherence", one of many stupid little micromanagement details that will ruin your chances of advancement (that and being over 30, not keeping a Nerf gun at your desk, and dressing "business casual"-- apparently the preferred look is skinny jeans and hoodies). Management fluctuates constantly, and I often feel like Peter in "Officefree lattes?micromanagement/corporate culture, favors young employees, constantly changing schedules, low pay/no benefits as a temp employee"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I lost my job because they wouldn't verify (via cameras or other employees) that a temp employee lied about me not doing my job. And ultimately took my job. When he was to clearly gain from lying about me. After 4.5 years they took a temp by his work over a full time employee.Profit sharingNo job security, poor management"

Customer service rep (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work, but it has it's flaws. I was able to manage because I'm process driven, here at Otterbox it was what was called the "Willy Wonka" effect, I loved the job but it was poorly managed.Great pay, benefitsManagement, culture"

Passionate Employee (Former Employee) says

"Company has become top heavy in outside executives who are running the company into the ground. Work environment is based on fear of rocking the boat and going with the status quo for fear losing job. Culture used to be creative and supportive and now it is a corporate, political machine. Advancement is based on who you know and not merit. Company does not care about employees so people are burning out and merely being replaced.Health BenefitsCompany culture is a lie"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Everyone wants to work for OtterBox. Once you're in, its not as expected. Sad but true. Second day at work and a handful were reconsidering the decision. It is my opinion that executives are out of touch with what middle and lower management is doing. In the last year Directors, Managers, and Otter Staff walk out with no notice and no job to go to just to get out. That speaks volumes for the stability and culture. This company has great ideas and poor execution. I hope it improves or I will be the next to say goodbye to OtterBox.good intentions, modern offices, perks, profit sharing, Curt Richardson, helpful employeespoor execution, poor management, perks are dwindling, profit sharing is cut to nothing and not notified until months after the fact, Curt Richardson is not an active member, and I repeat, poor management."

Dedicated Worker (Former Employee) says

"Otterbox was once a fantastic place to work. Very busy, but fun and empowering place with reward for success. Unfortunately, a new management team has been brought in to the company that literally has changed the culture and potential for continued company success over night. The new managers are all from the same former industry and they do not understand (or care to understand) what has made Otterbox great in the past (the energy of the people) and they are trying to turn it into just another stiffling, corporate, red-tape-laden, low performing, low morale place to work. Their fundamental problem is that they do not understand how to respect, trust and motivate other human beings. They have very large egos, but very low intergrity and no real useful knowledge in the areas that are needed for Otterbox.still some great people (some managers and most of the workers)on the current path, new management will kill the company within just a few years"

Customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like Otterbox. I found the corporate culture to be infantile and oppressive. I found the overall experience superficial and not really giving the CSR the respect and autonomy they deserve."

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Former Employee) says

"My daughter ended up in Children's Hospital was very sick their time off requests were you submit and if it's not approved you call in and get pointed well I never got approval and wasn't going to let my daughter be in Denver at the hospital alone so I accumulated to many points and was let go. My manager never took the time to see me on my floor I was the only one on my team that was on a different floor."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I absolutely loved my job for about the first 5 months. Then management began giving hope of a permanent conversion process to be hired as a full time employee and unfortunately had no idea what they were doing with this process. The requirements would change from day to day and the moral took a major dive. I showed up everyday on time and did my job and really enjoyed my job until all of this craziness. Also the fun atmosphere was great but when it came to the management actually jumping in and helping, it seemed that shooting guns or shooting the bs was much more important. I have since heard that the conversion process has been corrected its too bad it was at a lot of peoples expense.Free Soda and CoffeeQA standard fluctuated between staff"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Otterbox is a good friendly environment. It's an easy adjustment and very easy work. Basically packaged products, place them on the belt and send down the line. Down the line was the boxer, which means he would place all the product after going over the product making sure it's ready to go out for shipping. Sometimes I would be the runner, I made sure the line had all the materials they need to build the sleeve, and place the product in. I would carry boxes, hangers, cut open boxes, keep count of total product being done at the end of the line.Cook-outs, friendly, pop machineLaid you off! Only a temp job"

Flex otter (Current Employee) says

"This is a horrible to company to work for. They are very disorganized and WILL NOT hire on older people. If you are 19, uneducated,and no family then you will get hired on. Must also have "the look"and bubbly attitude to make it anywhere. Very unorganized company that is wasteful with lunch on weekendbad communicaion, judgmental, only young people get hired."

CSR (Former Employee) says

"To be honest, if you're looking for a new job, you can get paid more elsewhere doing a more stable task. Customer Service, just came off of its worst year, moral wise, due to upper management putting in place policies that completely ruined the culture they worked for years to create. Within the policies they introduced more hats an agent must wear. We had to be the sales department as well as the marketing department as well as the technical department and finally customer service. Otter Products has a department for each outside of customer service and these workers are paid a livable wage. The most frustrating part about these policies is it created a toxic environment that put CSR agents mental and physical health at risk (many agents quit, got really sick, or got incredibly burnt out). Instead of creating policy equal to management to take care of the agents. Policies were put in place that created negative consequences for agents that tried to take care of themselves. These negative consequences led to lost wages. This is not to mention a new system that they put in place that gave CSR inaccurate information that led to many bonuses being lost. When confronting management about these issues, giving management feedback about how policies affected the department, management would write you up for a negative attitude. This was common amongst agents when I was working there. If they paid us a minimum of 20 dollars per hour, all of this stress would be fine. But because even the top tier CSR agent wasn't making close enough to a living wage at full-time hours.Giving back to the community. PTO.Feedback can get you written up. The pay is horrible."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Young workers are unaware of their lack of knowledge. Avoid this place at all costs.Culture bias for long term otters who look down on temp workers. Fail to pay commissions on sales for startup workers. Rather do bs surveys that are inaccurate and do nothing as they are flawed. Terrible wages write you up for leaving your desk draconian sweat-shop rules.ABIDtheCustomer Service Dept.RareThey fired a temp Worker, cancer chemo treatments were excessive. Clean out current managers and car director."

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"Some people are nice and some could be so mean and judgmental.Hard to work with people that can't really speak English. Easy work in the end. Love the 4 days of work and 3 days off.Easy job.Too hot to work at and drama every other day or week."

Sr Mechanical Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Everything for Time to Market Forget about your life and family. No advancement, no spot bonus, bi-yearly lay-offs. Everything is managed from Fort Collins (OtterBox).Free coffee..."

sw says

"2 screens cracked while in two different otter box cases. Both dropped from pocket height. bullshit testing, false advertising and money wasted. F*** these con artists."

mike says

"Broken case, can\'t file a claim as website is a circle jerk exercise. Permanent hold on phone. "

Ross Gamble says

"poor customer Service. Glass protector and phone case bought (not cheap) and hasn't arrived. No way of speaking to a human being but just an email address. By the looks of the tracking number the package was never even sent. Save yourself some time and money and buy somewhere else."

John says

"Ordered a case and glass didn’t arrive, customer service a joke kept saying 21 business days to deliver. Web site says 5-8 days. Tracking number saying not even dispatched. So I opened a case with PayPal and the case arrived the next day. They had contacted the delivery company that night and got it shipped straight away. But if I hadn’t opened a case with PayPal they would have just ignored me. Very bad service and they should be held responsible for it."

Tanguy Verheyen says

"I ordered on their website, And my order never arrived. Their service refuses to help me. Offers to buy another one. A shame!"

Matt Jan says

"The cases are piece of crap,I cant take out my phone without damaging it . DON NOT BUY EVEN IF ITS FREE"

Noneya says

"Awful service Was charged twice for the same phone case and I have even showed them bank statements of the money being taken or me twice and they keep denying that they have taken it. My money isn’t in my account and it was clearly taken by them but it doesn’t say it on the screen so it can’t be true. Absolutely refusing to give me my money back. The customer service is basically non existent and they keep just dodging all the questions. Disgusting company"

Clodagh Howard says

"Was charged twice for the same phone case and I have even showed them bank statements of the money being taken or me twice and they keep denying that they have taken it. My money isn’t in my account and it was clearly taken by them but it doesn’t say it on the screen so it can’t be true. Absolutely refusing to give me my money back."

Stoner says

"Woeful company, ordered a case for a Christmas present, it never arrived. They sent another too late for Christmas so I had to buy another from elsewhere. Now say that I cannot return or have a refund but I can keep the case as a spare for the original one, that I never received! Now of course just ignoring e-mails."

Maria says

"Case I received is faulty, tried contacting customer care and received an automated response “claim denied” but no explanation as to why or how to get refund on the faulty item. Very expensive case so very disappointed."

Tyler Sanders says

"Plastic is slippery as heck. I drop my phone on more occasions due this slippery plastic causing it to slip out of my fingers if I pick it up too quickly. Needs some type of rubber grip embedded on the back and the sides. Damn phone goes flying off my center console of my truck when I hit the brakes. Other times it gets dropped from sliding out from my finger tips if I'm not too careful. Rethink this stupid design and make it for what it was originally intended protect our expensive phones. Right now it is a waste of an investment. My phone screen has a small crack in the corner. Useless product. Only makes the phone look like the average person is "keeping up with the Joneses" by buying what's "hip" and "in" for this day and age."

Brian Marris says

"Having upgrades to series 4 iPad Pro and iPhone 12, I was bought the relevant otterboxes for Christmas. What a huge degradation from the previous versions. The buttons to switch off are so stiff it’s almost impossible to do so. Complacency seems to have set in and these top priced covers I’d consider useless. What a shame"

Mary Thuma says

"DO NOT ORDER FROM OTTERBOX. My product arrived, my bank account was charged, but there is NO email regarding the purchase, and nothing in my order history on the site. I think it is a scam. There is no place to read or leave reviews on their website either."

Callie Pierce says

"I have tried numerous times to get in touch with someone to discuss a warranty on not one, or two, but three separate screen protectors and a case. I used the live chat like they mentioned and the first time, I received NO HELP. The next day I decided to try again. I chatted with "an agent" but the software kept acting up and only wanted to submit random portions of my typings. Then after having finally gotten my intention for the chat across, I was told that the fees would be waived as a one time deal. In all of this, I was told that the screen protectors for the Iphone 11s would be sent and that the one for the Iphone XS was discontinued. These were purchased a year ago almost to the day! After settling on receiving replacements for the three devices, even though they may not be the exact ones (a cheaper version of the ones we purchased), I was happy. Of course within 10 minutes of ending the chat, I received an email saying the claims were denied. I again tried using the warranty section of the website, and yet again DENIED! I have always been a die hard otterbox fan and used to swear by their products. However, with now having had three separate phones each with broken screen protectors and warranties, along with a now discolored case that is also cracked, forget about ever receiving any business from me again! There goes $230 down the drain. So much for standing by your products and offering a lifetime warranty. If this were not the case, you should not allow retail stores or your employees to state such a warranty exists!"

Margaret Hampton says

"Quote when attempting a chat: "We are temporarily suspending customer service phone support as a precautionary measure given the continued spread of COVID-19." Oh, Otterbox, you have quite the business plan: Charge a premium for a product and provide a warranty for a product that does not perform, then use this silly excuse to avoid your warranty responsibility! Never again will we purchase Otterbox. Worthless and overpriced."

Ricardo Garcia says

"I ordered SAMSUNG OTTER + POP SYMMETRY GALAXY S20 BLACK Item No: 77-64209 and paid extra to have it shipped overnight. It does not work as advertised because it won't support wireless charging. I am trying to contact Otterbox for a refund but there is no way to contact them. They say to use chat but no one answers at chat - even during the work hours they are open. What a horrible company!"

Tony Dunn says

"Like every other review. The worst warranty system in the world. Do not buy from these guys. I had to get the Australian government department of fare trade onto these guys. After no less than twenty emails I finally got my replacement iPad cover. They have no phone number to contact them."

Tom Donahue says

"I bought the Otterbox Defender Pro for my Apple iPhone 12 pro max. The installation directions showed just some incomprehensible pictures -- no directions. So I went to the Otterbox website and clicked on the corresponding video: NO VIDEO AVAILABLE was the error message that popped up. Then I called Otterbox support. A recording of the CEO came on the line who said "Due to COVID-19 phone support is suspended..." I suggest you deal with a different company that offers support to its product's users. HINT: You have to tear the cover into three pieces before trying to put the phone into the case."

Felishia Penman says

"This case protect my phone but a few months after use it turned this nasty color yellow it was pretty at first, not anymore I was trying to leave a picture but there is nowhere that will let me"

a says

"otterbox needs to be cancelled like the rest of everyone else is being cancelled by the cancel culture."

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